About Us !

We are an Eye and Orthopaedic hospital in Vadodara (Baroda), India.

Easily accessible from all parts of the city, Kesha Hospital is very clean and pleasant in its ambience. It is the latest in surgical and nonsurgical managements in the respective departments.

The Ophthalmic department offers the latest in cataract surgery, in squint correction (both non-surgical and surgical treatments) and removal of refractory errors (removal of the eye glasses). Other features are the contact-lens clinic, the diabetic eye clinic, and glaucoma clinic.

The Orthopaedic department offers state of art facilities for shoulder surgery, joint replacements, fracture surgery, and sports injuries and arthroscopy (key hole surgery).

We are supported by a pathology laboratory, have an X-Ray facility as well and an excellent physiotherapy clinic in our premises.

You should find our staff helpful and courteous.

Wishing you great health, always!

Team of Kesha Hospital.